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My thought for the day is written in response to a comment left for me about something I wrote yesterday. I welcome everyone’s comments whether they agree with me or not. I find in life opinions vary and everyone is entitled to think and feel in a way that best suits that person. I’ve also found that truths are very subjective and vary from person to person. A person’s truths seem to be formed from a collection of their life’s experiences, so whereas you may not agree with me on the issues I write about, it’s okay because you haven’t lived my life nor have I lived yours. I find that people’s differences are what makes them interesting and the world would be a very boring place if everyone thought the same way. In a discussion about life last night, a friend asked me to say one positive thing about the opposing political party. Without hestitation, I said that I admired their strength and the conviction they have in their beliefs and that it was those things that I believe won this past election. I went on to say that just because I don’t hold the same beliefs as they do, doesn’t mean I view them as evil or stupid. All it means is that for me, the truth lies elsewhere.


A Utah Woman Am I
DECEMBER 14, 2004 AT 11:51 AM

People are free to express their opinions. That is what makes America such a great place! I love living in a country where our opinions and comments can be expressed freely and so openly. However, that is what makes us all different. We all maintain these views throughout our life, sometimes they may be genetic or we might just learn them from the things that we experience ourselves. I agree with you Red Kitten. Yes, it is the diverse America that makes it so great. But, I being one that sits on the fence when it comes to Democrats vs. Repulicans, admit that it is nice when the parties can appreciate one anothers differences.

DECEMBER 14, 2004 AT 10:51 PM

You said "In a discussion about life last night, a friend asked me to say one positive thing about the opposing political party."This indicates that you or your friend believe there are only two viable parties. Most of the people I spoke with about the past election indicated that niether of "the two parties" covered so much in the media particularly suited their interests or was bound to serve them in a way that represented their values – though most had picked a favorite. People say the last election was based on "moral values". This is only true if our moral values are limited to conservative views on sex.If the election were truly about morals America would have voted for a candidate who supported a womans right to choose, supported alternative life choices, opposed the death penalty, opposed public policy that disproportionately imprisoned minorities, and opposed the indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians overseas. Neither major party candidate sufficiently represented these views.

DECEMBER 14, 2004 AT 11:33 PM

here here darling i very much agree with your point of veiw. just randomly found your site then lost it. but now ive found it again im sure its fate. *cheesy grin*ta-ra

DECEMBER 15, 2004 AT 12:14 PM

Bleak (is that a freudianslip, by the way?), you certainly do like to pick and choose what you take from a person’s word’s….that’s cool and if you think I have a narrow outlook that’s cool also. If I thought there are only two political parties, then trust me I’m very capable of saying so…the discussion I was having in which you were not present, was about the Democratic and Republican parties. That’s my error for not being more specific in my post. I do however want to say that if what you wrote is all you got from my post then I suggest you read it again. The point of the post was to say something positive…that I feel there is something good in most things (I suppose I’m setting myself up here for you to come at me for that statement) and to voice my feelings about people having a right to their opinions. Thanks for reminding me of just how right I was in what I wrote.

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