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As mentioned before and not a term coined by me, but another fellow blogger I discovered on here (forgot to do a trackback to his blog…sorry about that and I hope he stumbles onto me and takes credit where credit is due) We need to come up with a witty term for the cream (blogs the rise above the rest and actually get some recognition)…you know, the opposite of what a "flurb" is! If a "flurb" is a blog that flopped…is a "plurb" a blog that popped? Not to be confused with a Perv Plurb or a Nerd Plurb! Anyway, I’m still waiting for the minions…if they show up here, I hope they all remember to write a comment so I’ll know they tiptoed softly across my page on their way to bigger and better things. Perhaps if I raffle something off, that will get people to write a comment….hmmmmmm…any suggestions on what to raffle?


DECEMBER 8, 2004 AT 10:33 PM

Unfortunately, this here nation has receded to a degree from it’s charter. If logic had more stagetime I think a lot of things would be different. The Marijuana issue has powerful lobbys against legalization in the form of the Religious Right, the Lumber Companies, and a great many people who listen to the national drug policy. It’s ludicrous that anyone says pot is more dangerous than alcohol, but the perceptions continue. I hope that this issue can be resolved, and that the fickle national attention can be focused on more serious issues (like GLobal Warming).I like your rants, Kitten.Salutations from the other Emerald City (Seattle) Kaavin

A Utah Woman Am I
DECEMBER 8, 2004 AT 10:44 PM

I couldn’t agree more with your abstract blog statements. However, I like your raffle idea. I would suggest something any one could use, like money or cheap stuff you have laying around the house. Like a yo-yo or something. I am just a cheap college student and thing anything that is free is a good thing. Nice Blog!Greetings from Utah!

FEBRUARY 15, 2005 AT 12:14 AM 

I would have to agree w/ Kaavin ( it is ludicrous to think that pot is more dangerous than alcohol … there is currently a campaign (advertising) of teenagers who say nothing bad ever happened while smoking pot … and then crash!!!!!!!!!! a kid is frantically trying to find out what happened to the kid on the bike he just ran over … I’ve smoked alot of pot … alot! and I can tell you one thing for sure, the guy on the bike HIT ME! the religious right, led by his royal highness GWB … is on course to run this country into the ground … but alas, the LORD almighty will save us all, right? … that\’s what GWB hopes anyway … blog on kitten and good luck w/ that interview from the guy from the Tallahasse Democrat … I’m jealous!

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