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Here’s an off the wall one for everyone to think about! What can you tell about a person from the type of underwear they wear or don’t wear? Do certain personality types tend to wear certain things more than others? And do you buy your significant other personal items like undergarments? I guess since we tend to judge a book by its cover and few of us actually ever get to see what the person is wearing under that cover, I’m just curious as to whether or not the true "you" is more apt to be seen by what’s underneath.

DECEMBER 16, 2004 AT 7:10 PM
What would the lack there of say about a person?

DECEMBER 16, 2004 AT 7:14 PM
I bet the wild man of Borneo doesn’t wear boxers or briefs!

DECEMBER 16, 2004 AT 11:48 PM
hey. i agree with what your saying about the world being percepted in different ways. Maybe there is no "right way" and "wrong way". Maybe it’s just all in how we look at things and how we view them ourselves.

DECEMBER 16, 2004 AT 11:51 PM
I would have to completely agree with you. You can infer quite a number of things about a person their choice of underwear & vice-versa. how many questions would one have to ask to be able to ascertain ones preference without ever laying eyes on them? I would guess that the wild man of borneo spends no time in any given day deciding whether it’s boxers or briefs. I think his upbringing never afforded him the luxury of a choice, it was never a necessity if they were even available to him. Therefore, I don’t believe his lack thereof defines who he is. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that if you were to be able to sit down the WMOB (wild man of borneo) and offer a selection of mens underwear that he would probably enjoy the comfort, freedom and support of boxer briefs to nothing at all. Furthermore I feel that had he been given the option at an earlier age he may not have garnered his current reputation. but that’s just me 😉

DECEMBER 17, 2004 AT 8:57 AM
The real person is beneath the underwear. People mostly wear underwear for the benefit of others. And some wear no underwear for the benefit of others. If you don’t wear pants then you don’t really need underwear.

DECEMBER 17, 2004 AT 3:14 PM
I think you could learn something about someone depending on their underwear. but not always. For instance, I dont wear underwear. But thats only because I wear really really tight fitting jeans and I dont want people to be able to see the boxer lines that would be left behind. If I did wear underwear it would be boxers, I hate the confinement of briefs. But maybe that is something right there, maybe a subconcious reason that I dont wear anything underneath my jeans is because I hate confinement… I always have felt a bit claustrophobic about some things… who knows?

DECEMBER 20, 2004 AT 2:00 PM
The silence between the two diners you were watching could have been a shared understanding and common perception of the sites and sounds around them. Words are not the only way to communicate

JANUARY 17, 2005 AT 11:56 PM
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