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The 36th annual National NORML Conference was held on Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13 in Universal City, California. This video features Irv Rosenfeld explaining why the government grows marijuana for him:

Recently, I watched Senator Christopher Dodd speak out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. Perhaps, this wasn’t the smartest political move he could have made, but I felt it took a certain amount of courage to come forward and address an issue many feel is political suicide to tackle. I know this topic is far from being a critical issue, but it does however effect the lives of many Americans from both a legal and moral standpoint.

What better place to kick around some candid discussion than right here on the internet? Does anyone care to step up to the "podium" like Senator Dodd did and share their views on this issue? Should marijuana be decrimalized? Is it really the "gateway" drug it’s always been accused of being? Does it have any actual medicinal value? Should it eventually be legalized and taxed by the government like tobacco and alcohol? Finally, would you vote for someone who was in favor of the decriminalization and eventual legalization of marijuana? Do you know what the current laws of your state are regarding this issue? If not, click here and then let’s hear from you.

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