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Speaking of painfully awkward situations…here’s one for everyone to read titled Christmas, Family and Porn (it’s definitely not x-rated by any means, so it’s relatively safe for those with a strict moral code). I doubt anyone will catch any cyber cooties from visiting this blog or from leaving a comment nor will it make you want to scream "beat me, abuse me…make me write bad checks!" This well-written entry brought a smile to my face because the event described was something that could happen to anyone…well almost anyone who might watch HBO or Showtime late at night. I felt the entry was worthy of at least a tip of my hat and a wink from Red Kitten >^.^<.

Actually, I think more of us need to start mentioning those blogs we visit that we think others might enjoy. Many writers/bloggers lose their drive to maintain a blog due to the lack of feedback from others. The above mentioned entry comes from a blog that hasn’t been updated in almost a year and I think that’s a shame. Maybe we can lure the writer out of oblivion by leaving a few comments. So to mend some of my past bad behavior and evil ways of not spreading the word often enough, here’s my first official thumbs up! Kudos to "left hand spread", a blog filled with stories from the heart and soul and every place inbetween.

P.S. I also recommend "Sleepless" posted on May 25, 2006.

Stephen Craig
NOVEMBER 9, 2007 AT 2:30 AM
Dear Karen, Am glad to see you back at work here. Reading your past posts makes me smile a good smile. Thank you. I pray that all is well with you and yours. As ever be well. Stephen Craig Rowe

Red Kitten
NOVEMBER 9, 2007 AT 6:01 PM
Hey stranger! You know me…I couldn’t/wouldn’t stay away forever. I just had some issues that required my full attention and unfortunately, blogging had to take second seat for awhile.

NOVEMBER 10, 2007 AT 11:26 AM
I cannot thank you enough for your comment. I have continued to publish elsewhere and irregularly. I am currently pursuing my masters in writing and my blog was an outlet for my more lighthearted work. Thank you. You are correct in assuming that most folks give up because of the lack of feedback. Writers need an audience. I am no exception and because of your encouragement, I’ll try to be more diligent. Again…thank you…sincerely.

Sheff lefthandspread

Red Kitten
NOVEMBER 11, 2007 AT 12:23 AM
Sheff, I actually stumbled onto your blog through Blogshares. I enjoyed what I read and will be back as time permits…

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