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In the UK, they not only know that milk does the body good, but they know great commercials equal big bucks! This is just alittle something I stole from bones777 while visiting his blog. I thought this commercial might bring a smile to your face this beautiful Sunday morning and make you want to give your bones a boost with a quick shot of milk!

I’ll drink to that!

FEBRUARY 24, 2008 AT 5:33 PM
I like new blog friends from all backgrounds–I think it helps make me a better person by helping me see the world through other people’s eyes. It expands my mind. Plus, I like to read…and I like people to comment on my thoughts (as long as they’re not just being mean). So I look forward to a new online friendship, too! Thanks for coming by!

FEBRUARY 24, 2008 AT 8:49 PM
Kenny, I figured it’s been around for awhile. I guess I should come out of my cave more often and do more visiting. I used the word "cute" for lack of a better word. My family are big commercial freaks and rate commercials as we see them. I was so excited about this one that when I told my youngest son about it, I said if the graphics were a little better it would be Superbowl quality. He understood exactly what I meant and also thought it was great. Perhaps you’re right about the subliminal message…really didn’t look at it in any other aspect than for entertainment value.

LJ, I hope your friend likes it. Let me know what he thinks, okay?

JWL, I haven’t written much about the wedding. In fact, I think I’ve only made one reference to it when I posted their wedding invitation awhile ago and talked about his family. Bobby is a wonderful guy and he treats my daughter like the princess she is and as long as she’s happy then everything is wonderful. I’m really glad that working for the government all those years didn’t make you all twisted. You seem to be open-minded and that’s a rare quality to have these days. That guy with the "harem" is obviously a legend in his own mind. Guys like that have never interested me because it’s difficult to get past the ego. In those rare instances when they really do let someone inside, the inside isn’t worth the effort. I'm sure without ever going to his blog, I’m going to guess he’s not a deep thinker …more the glamor and glitz type filled with fluff and frills. Pictures of his new cars and big talk about his pipe dreams for the future. I wonder how he’s going to afford to keep 1000+ high maintenance women.

Jaysey, I agree and look forward to reading more that you have written on your blog. It looks like both of us are going to be around for awhile so we’ll have plenty of time to become friends.

FEBRUARY 24, 2008 AT 11:13 PM
That video is funny I like that, that gorrila is cute I wonder if he can play the rolling stones hey can I borrow your new rules I would love to put them on my space

FEBRUARY 25, 2008 AT 12:44 AM
Dan, I don’t mind you borrowing my rules as long as you give credit where credit is due. Those are a some of the basics rules to "karenism."

FEBRUARY 25, 2008 AT 10:50 AM
You’re right, It did make my day Red Kitten!!!
BEAT THOSE DRUMS you hairy rocker, good song too!!!
  1. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪
    FEBRUARY 26, 2008 AT 12:15 AM
    Hello Karen
    How are you? All good I hope!
    My God! you are stubborn
    But…I hope you’re having a great week 
    for you…

    Garry xox

    FEBRUARY 26, 2008 AT 4:10 AM
    I would follow all your rules, you are beautiful i need to have some rules on my space even if nobody ever visits

    FEBRUARY 26, 2008 AT 5:26 PM
    Stephen, how did you know I’m hairy? Wild guess?
    Garry, I’m stubborn? What did I do now? Or not do?
    Dan, thanks for the compliment and yes, everyone needs rules because rules are made to be broken.

    FEBRUARY 26, 2008 AT 5:45 PM
    It is always a nice surprise to pop in here! Your video helps prevent osteoporosis too!!!

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