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I was on Facebook and came across this silly app and I tried it because I was bored. The app claims to be able to address whatever suffering a person has experienced in their lifetime from scanning a facial photo.

What suffering have you been through, according to your Face?

(I thought I was being slick by choosing a picture of myself when I was much, much younger)

Mildred, here is your scan result!

Brave and inspiring words, Mildred! You've clearly seen 
your fair share of heartbreak and worry over the years, 
but what's important is how you fought on to a brighter 
future. You clearly possess an incredibly resilient and 
passionate spirit that simply can't be broken!

So I'm leading a fulfilled life, am I?  What I want to 
know is when I'm going to be skinny, beautiful, 
healthy and wealthy. I guess for that I need
 to rub a bottle and get 3 wishes from a genie. 
Does anyone want to borrow my genie?

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