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For your viewing pleasure...This is a short video (length: 1:06) filmed at one of Vernon's City Council meetings. Note the guy with the hook for a hand (remember Vernon was crowned "Nub City"). I don't think I'd want him mad at me. This is a great example of what decades of inbreeding will do to a person's psyche! Just kidding! Well, maybe...maybe not! Judge for yourself...

The guy named Coleman Armstrong named in the video is someone I once knew, but not very well. He was just one of those people who would pop up in a crowd every now and then. What I remember most about him is that whenever he'd be around, he'd come over and have a special way of getting in on a conversation. He was one of those people who loved to mess with people's heads when they were mentally incapacitated.

With that in mind, picture someone who would jump into a conversation by telling the person who was talking to "spell it" at some strategic moment in the conversation. And at that moment, if it were me he wanted to be the dictionary, I could barely spell my own name. But I always sucked it up and spelled whatever word he wanted me to spell. It never occurred to me to take the easy way out when he'd say "spell it" and just simply spell "it","I...T" and smile. Hindsight is 20/20!

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