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Yesterday, while I was sitting here I suddenly got inspired to write a poem. I know! Poetry! YUCK! Hey, you have to run with inspiration when it strikes, no matter what direction it takes you in, right? So, humor me by holding your nose and reading my heart-felt words. Mildred is really trying to heal and come home...

It's a good thing I was by myself when I wrote this poem because I cried the whole time I was writing it. Yes, I actually wrote it and didn't type it. There's something about holding a pencil that seems to stir something in me, but it's difficult to stay inspired with a snotty nose and tears dripping all over the place. Somehow, I managed to find the "right" words and finish the poem. My first draft I emailed to my "bestie" and of course, she thought it was lovely. But, I'm wondering if she thought it sucked if she would have told me to go back to the drawing board and keep working. That thought brought a smile to my face... 


 One moment she was breathing

And then nothing filled her eyes.

I can’t prevent the ending…


She gifted me with life and love.

Now, outstretched while growing cold.

And from her death tears erupted…


 My whole life changed that moment.

And my heart won’t be the same.

Still somehow, I march forward…


 A crushing grief weights my soul.

While trying to drown the pain

 Prevents this crevice from closing…


You never thought I listened.

While you showed me who I am

I hope you knew I loved you…


 As time grew near to free you

My heart was opened wide.

That moment remains eternal…


 The moments when I need you.

You tell me to reach inside.

I get my strength from you…


You’re all around me always.

A deafening silence holds you there.

You will live on inside me…


I know how things must happen.

Reality stares me in the eyes.

Until someday I join you…


 And while my heart is healing

I still have these tears to cry

But each sunset brings a sunrise…



by Travelsty

22 Feb 2021

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