I Have A Water Buffalo In My Bed

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I wish someone could explain to me how a small dog the size of a Shih Tzu can expand to the size of a water buffalo in bed at night.  I'm lucky if I get 6 inches of bed. I must push her over at least a dozen times a night, but she loves to snuggle and PUSH! Most of time I don't mind, but when I'm in pain, it gets to be a little too much togetherness.  Typically, what my babies do is burrow under the covers and find a spot.  Fenway's spot is always right up against me.  She loves her momma!

My other small dog, B.A. (a Doodle aka Doxiepoo) settles in and you'd never know he's there until morning when he wakes up and wants to go out and then it's a fire drill to get outside.  While he and Libby eagerly go outside, I always have to come back inside to roust Fenway out of bed because she loves to root around in the sheets before going outside. Isn't it funny the routines animals establish?

My third dog, Libby (a Dandie Dinmont Terrier) sleeps in a dog bed...go figure! She doesn't like being outside.  She has severe allergies so all her outside activities are just out and right back in followed by an hour or two of scratching.  She does take allergy meds which help somewhat, but to date nothing has given her complete relief. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that works, but as of now nothing has.  The vet just tries to keep it as managed as possible with diet etc.

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