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Okay, so I can't really complain about my company car after driving around for I don't know for how long with a bumper sticker saying: STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES BUT WHIPS AND CHAINS EXCITE ME on the back of my car.  Before you get all rattled and wonder why I would put something like that on my car...I didn't!!!This happened to me years ago as what I'm assuming was supposed be a practical joke when I managed a motel on the beach. Someone pulled me aside one day and let me know I might want to go check out the back of my car. I thought immediately that someone had backed into my car so I went running out of the office in a panic only to find that friggin' bumper sticker larger than life displayed across the back of my car. And do you think I could get anyone to own up to doing it? To this day, I'm still waiting for the coward to come forward. 

Oh by the way, the company car thing is just a joke.  Marquis de Sod! OMG! What a marketing genius! I would send my employees out on jobs dressed in whips and chains just for effect and you know people would LOVE it.

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