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[Rant on] When it comes to ignorance in its purest form Facebook never disappoints me.  Recently, an old friend of mine passed away and while everyone else managed to express their heartfelt condolences, a true wingnut twatnozzle named Gail made it all about herself.  Imagine the audacity of Bruce and his wife for unfriending Gail for her "political" posts (i.e. Qanon, Trump, etc) because Bruce and his wife found what Gail posts to be insane, distasteful, rude, nonsense and outright lies and that's on her good days.  I think she might be working for Marjorie Taylor Greene or maybe she's Marjorie's mother...a crusty old cunt tucked away on Long Island! I'm sorry, but I truly can't help myself.  I control my fingers on Facebook and they shake terribly because they want to let loose, but my brain says, "NO! DON'T GO THERE, MILDRED! DO NOT ENGAGE WITH IDIOTS!"  I do as John Lennon and Paul McCartney instruct me to do.  I let it be. I come here instead to bitch.  Lucky you! You get to read Mildred blow off steam. The thought has often crossed my mind that if I didn't have a blog, my eyeballs probably would pop out or I would pop a vein in my head. Either way the result would not be very pretty.

Oh, I'm not quite done yet...

This same "compassionate conservative," I hate to admit I have known since I was 16.  OMG! Say it isn't so! I'm sitting here shaking my head so you're allowed to do the same. Oh yes, I have a long history with her, but we won't go into all of it.  Just that we were in drug rehab together many, many moons ago.  In 2002, I created a website so people from said rehab could reconnect with each other.  When Facebook got rolling, I switched everything over from the website I had created and managed to Facebook and that's where we've been ever since.  About 7 or so years ago Her Royal Twatnozzle and I had a horrible falling out and hadn't spoken since until recently. What caused the falling out was due to me deleting a few of the jokes she posted and that put her in a tailspin. I was called everything, but human and because of it, she humiliated me in front of the entire group. Mildred is now about to make a confession! Buckle your seat belts, everyone! I'd like to confess that I'm weak! I caved in! After 7 years I let her back on the site against my better judgment because I feel everyone deserves a second chance and after all she is a former resident of this rehab also. WHAT WAS I THINKING? AM I FUCKING NUTS OR BRAINDEAD? IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? ISN'T THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN BUT ALWAYS EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT? HELLO, MILDRED! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!! OMG!

Below is the heartfelt condolence Gail wrote so judge for yourself if you think it's something you'd like to read if your husband or wife had just passed away:

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Bruce. I feel so bad, up until about 3 months ago, him and I were very good friends and I have been on 3 reunions with him plus there were many times we would meet in the city when he was in NY and I have great memories and pictures of those times. About 3 months ago, his wife got mad at me for some political posts I put on my own timeline page and him and her unfriended me and I felt very bad, hurt and angry, but still, I loved him and thought of him as a very good friend. Bruce, may you rest in peace.

In the short time Gail's been back on the site, she's done nothing, but insult people (posted about someone's botched facelift, bitched about some guy she dated from the rehab who wasn't very punctual about picking her up for dates and called him a pain in the ass, slammed another guy about calling her drunk all the time and talked trash about people, yet she made a special point of asking how he is, where he is and if he's mad at her because she hasn't heard from him in a long time and he hasn't accepted her friend request on Facebook.) I had almost resigned myself to the status quo of life with Gail again until today when I went to check my messages, etc. and found she had started posting her political bullshit on the rehab site. I don't know what Gab is and I don't want to know, but from what she claims it's where the conservatives hang out.  Oh boy! You know I'll be running right over there for some giggles and grins.  I'm having a hard time believing that after being thrown off Facebook for a year, she's going to come on and start her crap again.  The only reason she's back on Facebook now is because she changed the spelling of her name slightly and started a new account.  Some people learn absolutely nothing...NADA! They get all their plays right out of the Trump playbook and think the rules don't apply to them and it's always someone else's fault. What I think is that she might need to be introduced to Mildred's tagline...anything is possible with the right attitude, a sledge hammer and a roll of duct tape! [Rant off]

I slept on this and instead of using duct tape, I employed the easiest solution possible. I deleted Gail from the group. No drama! No fuss! Just a click of the button and hit the road, Gail! 

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