Great Expectations

All help All
I'm going to keep this short and sweet and fill this with as little drama as possible. I'm sure the people who read this blog and/or comment here have noticed there's a troll who has attempted to hijack the comment section on a few posts. I just changed my blog settings from allowing anyone to comment on my blog posts to allowing only people who have a Google account. Hopefully, this at least will prevent said troll from lurking in anonymity and quite frankly, bugging the hell out of me by rambling on about some British chick he'd like to bang.  If this troll chooses to stick around and to continue to dazzle everyone with his comedic genius then he'll have to do so with his actual Google account.  

Just so everyone is clear about my expectations... If you come here to read, then read. If you come here to read and comment, then read and comment, BUT please stay on topic.  If you need to contact me or ask me a question that doesn't pertain to the topic then do so at one of these email addresses : [email protected] or [email protected] BUT Mr. Troll that isn't an invitation for you to flood my inboxes with email.

Now, carry on and do all those disgustingly fun Monday night things all Mildred Misfits do, but don't forget to take pictures!!!

HRH Travelsty

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