“Time is an illusion.”
-- Albert Einstein --

Lately I've been giving a little more credence to things that have no reasonable explanation. For example, I have spent my entire life not being able to wear a watch made by any manufacturer. I even killed a Rolex! What happens is shortly after I put one on my wrist, it stops running. I have the same affect on ink pens if I hold them too long and if I use electronics for any length of time without a break they start screwing up and acting wonky. Believe it or not, I've had lights flicker when I've entered into rooms, but when you've had this sort of thing happen your entire life it becomes no big deal so you don't think much about it.  

I've just learned to live with the annoyance. For some reason clocks and watches have always bothered me. Watches I have have forsaken long ago because I simply can't wear them and clocks just seem to annoy me. In my younger years I never would have one in my living room because people seem to love to sit and watch a clock for some reason. I like for a person to feel as if when they come to visit me like they're off the clock for a few minutes! If they're constantly looking at the clock that's never going to happen.

Because I didn't have a clock hanging in my living room, people always assumed it was a great gift idea to buy me as a Christmas gift. One year I received clock from someone significant enough that I had to do something with the gift, but I really hated the thought of people coming to my house and sitting in my living room staring at the clock. So my solution to the problem was to hang the clock on the back of the bathroom door because I figured if anyone stayed long enough at my house they'd eventually make their way to my bathroom and they could check the time then. I can't tell you how many funny looks I got when people would come out from using my bathroom. Of course this was long before cell phones and now people can just endlessly look at them and ignore everything going on around them. There's really no need for watches or clocks or alarms anymore! I guess there's no need to personal interaction either.

My other clock that was a definite throwaway was a cat clock.  Because I love cats my closest friend bought me a clock that meowed on the hour every hour. OH NO! It did that for about a day before it got taken down and found its way to the nearest dumpster because it was so loud it lifted me out of my chair and woke me out of a sound sleep.  It sounded like a bunch of alley cats fighting and mating.  The cuckoo clock my mother brought me back from Europe had to go by the wayside also because it drove me crazy. 

I do, however, have a Dali melting clock on my bookcase in my living room that my daughter bought me several years ago. (I don't know if I have any batteries in it! lol) That's a keeper! I bought my mother a HUGE clock for the living room a few years before she passed away. I kept that, but just for sentimental reasons. If the power goes out and the time on the microwave and oven needs to be reset, it may be days or weeks before they get reset because I care so little about time. I used to be that way about calendars. It would drive my daughter's first husband, Steve crazy. He would ask her why I would do that because sometimes I wouldn't turn the pages on the calendar for 6 or more months. She'd laugh and tell him that's my mother! She hears the beat of a different drummer and her clock isn't always set to the correct time.

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