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Mildred: OMG!

Martha: What's up buttercup?

Mildred: You’re going to laugh at me. I hope you're sitting down.

Martha: Oh goody.....that always makes my little black heart red!

Mildred: So I got high as fuck last night and I’m holding that damn stone Angel gave me because I’m supposed to hold it as instructed by her. 

Mildred: So I’m laying in bed in the dark holding the stone and chatting with Jesse and I lose the damn stone. I can’t find it anywhere.

Martha: Uhhhohhhhhh

Mildred: I look around. I move the dogs. I look on the floor. It’s really late so I finally say fuck it. I’ll look for it in the morning when it’s light out.

Martha: Go on......

Mildred: So this morning I get up and tear my bed apart, no stone...

Mildred: I look all around my bed, no stone...

Martha: WTF?

Mildred: Under my bed, no stone...

Mildred: Not on my nightstand!

Mildred: It’s nowhere!

Mildred: I’m fucking freaking out because it vanished!

Mildred: So I figured it’ll turn up eventually because I didn’t get out of bed while I had it in my hand.

Martha: Have you found it?

Mildred: No!!!

Mildred: So, I’m in the bathroom getting dressed and I looked down. There wedged in my belly bottom is that damn stone.

Martha: Oh jeezus!

Martha: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Martha: That's what they call pop in belly button jewelry

Mildred: I have a really deep belly bottom.

Mildred: I don’t remember putting it there. lol

Mildred: I was really high!

Martha: Well......you WERE stoned off your ass!

Mildred: Fucking Apple Fritter strain. See what happens when I try something new? lol

Mildred: OMG

Martha: Save me a hit!!!

Martha: I need to try it!!!

Mildred: I thought you’d want to hear about this one!

Martha: Absolutely! You never cease to dazzle and amaze me😘

Mildred: Why the hell would I put a rock in my belly button?

Martha: Maybe I'll get a belly stone, too!

Mildred: lol

Martha: Who the hell knows why! Who the hell knows why you do anything you do?

Mildred: It's amazing it stayed in there all that time and didn’t come out.

Mildred: I wish someone had taken a pic of the look on my face when I discovered it was in my belly button.

Martha: Did it pop right out or did you have to dig for it?

Mildred: No it came right out.

Mildred: I don’t know about me sometimes!

Martha: I know, I feel ya!

Mildred: Well, the stone has my mojo on it now. That's for sure!

Martha: And belly button lint

Mildred: And some belly button lint

Mildred: Jinx!

Martha: Lmao....great minds!

Mildred: We need to pinkie swear and do a wish.

Mildred: What can I wish for?

Martha: Pinky swear......make a wish!

Martha: Done!

Mildred: I don’t know what I want to wish for.

Mildred: Hmmmmm! What do I really want?

Mildred: Oh, I wish I'd get laid!

Martha: You can't tell me or else it won't come true.

Mildred: That one may take a boulder in my belly button! lol

Martha: Ouch!

Mildred: Oh yeah! I wasn’t supposed to tell you. Let me wish for something else.

Mildred: It’ll be a secret this time!

Martha: Good!

Mildred: Okay! Done!

Mildred: We’ll see how strong the power of the pinkie swear really is!

Mildred: So how are you today? Did you put any foreign objects in any of your orifices?

Martha: I'm okay, and no.....not today!

Mildred: I’m so proud of you! At least one of us is thinking straight.

Martha: I got lucky.

Mildred: This time!

Mildred: I’m still chuckling. Do these things happen to other people?

Martha: I just told Max.

Mildred: I can't be held responsible for my actions. I exceeded Snoop Dogg's usual consumption of weed last night. I was completely cooked.

Martha: Max just shook his head.

Mildred: But he loves me.

Martha: He does!

Mildred: You have to love a fool and at least he didn't tell you to spray me with the hose like before.

Mildred: Not many people would admit to something like that and at least I'm honest. lol

Mildred: It takes a special person to admit to their colorful blunders.

Mildred: and I’m special.

Martha: You're special alright!

Mildred: But I can’t spell or speak today...it must be that damn stone! It put some funky Hoodoo on me! I put it back on the shelf. I'm keeping it away from me! It's dangerous!

Mildred: I think I may need some more Apple Fritter to straighten me out after all of that trauma I went through! lol

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