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One never realizes how far they have come in their
own journey of grief until they look back upon it. I just
found this poem I wrote about my mother dated March 14, 2021.


While spring has sprung,

the memory of death is all around me.

My nostrils welcome the sweet aroma of the springtime air

while it hides the putrid stench of decay and loss

with its perfume, a beguiling mask, a welcome escape.

The birds sing while I weep

Announcing the rebirth, a new beginning...a hunger for life

After such an unceremonious ending

My heart is broken.

Will this sadness dissipate or

Do I also just slip away into the night

Alone, lost and fearing the cold hand of death?

by Travelsty aka Red Kitten >^.^< 

That's enough for today...I think I may go paint a picture!

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